History of Hometown Days

In the fall of 1979, a small group of community members gathered with then Mayor, Pat Bennie to bring to life her vision of a community event. They dubbed it ” Hometown Days”, and gave it a western theme. The original volunteer committee included a cross section of the community and the goals they set for this family-oriented day were to provide non-profit community clubs and organizations an opportunity to participate, earn a few dollars and offer the community a good time at little expense. As plans developed, it was decided to make the event 2 days. Service clubs like the Lions, Kiwanis, and Rotary would provide man power and food and beverage booths at a reasonable cost to attendees. Community businesses could donate prizes, services, resources, and be recognized for their support.

Marching BandIn 1980, after months of planning and organizing, the original event took place on a September weekend. Hundreds attended. The Kiwanis Club barbequed steaks and burgers and a band played while folks danced under the stars. Sunday morning, The Rotary Club held a pancake breakfast and people streamed into the park after church services. It was a huge success. San Carlos clubs and organizations expressed their delight about this first-ever weekend community social. Artists were pleased with their recognition and sales, attendees loved it, and all agreed that Hometown Days should continue the following year.

Without any funding, the Hometown Days committee scheduled their second annual celebration. The event eventually moved to its current May spot, and over 30 years later, with over 12,000 attendees annually, we continue to celebrate Mayor Pat Bennie’s dream of a spirited, fun-filled community gathering.

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